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  Anonymous User
  Monday, 13 June 2022
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I am attempting to select text between specified text, as indicated at

Unfortunately, following the instructions, the formula does not seem to work except if the text in question is at the very beginning of the string.

The formula provided by Kutools Formula Helper is:

=IFERROR(MID(I3,FIND("Format:",I3)+LEN("Format:"),FIND(",",I3)-FIND("Format:",I3)-LEN("Format:")), "")

And it is meant to select text between "Format:" and the next comma in the string. However unless the string begins with "Format:" it returns nothing.

So for instance it works fine with this string:

Format: book, Author: Tolkien

but it fails with this string:

Author: Tolkien, Format: Book
1 year ago
Hi, Tolkien, thanks for your feedback. Firstly, the Excel formula =MID(LEFT(A1,FIND("end_char",A1)-1),FIND("start_char",A1)+1,LEN(A1)) only can extract text string between two single characters. And the Formulas Helper of Kutools for Excel, I have tested in Excel 2019, 2021 and Office 365, it can extaract string between "Format:" and "," whatever if the string is begins with "Format:", please see the screenshot attached. extract between.png
Could you tell me which Excel version you use? Amd should you upload the data and formula result screenshot for me to better realized the problem? Thank you.
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1 year ago
thanks for your feedback.
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